Causes of Electrical Fires in Your Home

Electrical fires are one of the many different types of fires that can occur in your home. If you take a proactive approach, you can prevent fires in your home. Look for the causes of electrical fires and learn how to prevent them. Wiring Issues Hands down, the most common cause of an electrical fire […]

Seasonal Electrical Maintenance Checklist and What You Can Expect

What is a seasonal electrical maintenance check? Most homeowners can’t really answer this question, although it’s something you should definitely consider doing. Typically performed in the spring and fall, it can help prevent a loss of power in your home at critical heating and cooling periods. The Voltage/Amps of Your Electrical Box Checking the voltage […]

Home Tips for Continued Electrical Safety

Be safe around electricity. Learn what you can do to prevent electrical emergencies, accidents, and fires. Some simple tips and a checklist posted on your fridge can make all the difference. Water and Electricity Don’t Mix Never, ever place outlets so close to a faucet or sink that outlets could be accidentally splashed with water […]