Electrical fires are one of the many different types of fires that can occur in your home. If you take a proactive approach, you can prevent fires in your home. Look for the causes of electrical fires and learn how to prevent them.

Wiring Issues

Hands down, the most common cause of an electrical fire in your home is wiring. Maybe it’s faulty and not wired correctly inside an appliance or inside a wall behind an electrical switch or outlet. Maybe it’s frayed cords with exposed and active wires dangling from a smaller appliance in your home. Regardless, you should be checking all cords in your home for fraying and unplugging any appliances or electrical devices that have cord issues. As for wiring behind the walls, have an electrician check to see if the wires are grounded and if there’s anything of concern behind the faceplates.

Heating Elements

Space heaters and single electric hot plate burners that are accidentally left on and unsupervised can cause fires. Because it becomes too dangerous to get close to these items once a fire has started, you can’t really reach and grab the cords to unplug them and cut the electrical power. Keeping a Class C fire extinguisher that can put out smaller electrical fires can help, but you have to be really careful. Always call the fire department and be sure to mention whatever electrical equipment you think started the fire.

Ungrounded Wiring

Do you flip a switch and your lights flicker and then burn bright? Do you plug in a cord and there’s a crackle and a spark? These are signs that these switches and outlets are not grounded, which is really dangerous. The sparks could potentially start a fire if something flammable is close enough to the sparking switch or outlet. Get an electrician to ground these switches and outlets and wire the wiring correctly to avoid a fire.

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