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Commercial Services

Tennant Improvement

Our tenant improvement services are designed to help you with an existing space. Whether you are starting up a restaurant, office building, or industrial shop, there are a lot of preparation and planning when buying or renting a building.

Often, you may find the perfect location but the interior business space is not suitable for your exact needs. This is why tenant improvement is so important. For example, a new restaurant may need loads of work done: a kitchen installed, bathrooms upgraded or renovated, a bar built, and of course, a perfect space for dining created.An empty or unsuitable space can be completely transformed into exactly what you are dreaming of – as long as you work with the right people, who respect your time and share your vision. Skylight Electrical Service can help you with all of this and more.

Commercial Lighting Installation

Our company provides many outdoor and indoor commercial lighting installation services for all types of business. If you are replacing existing lighting or installing new lighting, our certified electricians offer quality expertise in all electrical lighting commercial services. We have undertaken many lighting projects for retail stores, country clubs, warehouses, apartments, restaurants, and many other commercial properties. The team of professionals within our company can get all done, from the installation of high bay fixtures that are about 30 feet in the air, to the wiring of spotlights for ground landscape lighting.
The lighting technology in use now has drastically changed over the past years, it is essential for you to update your company’s lighting so that you can enjoy energy efficiency and save costs for your business. We can brighten and revamp your property with efficient solutions!

Dedicated Circuits

If tripping circuit breakers is a frequent occurrence in your establishment, your electric equipment may not be connected to dedicated circuits.
A dedicated circuit is set aside with a specific purpose, with its own circuit breaker in your electrical box. A dedicated circuit is intended for use with a single appliance or outlet. No other electric equipment or outlets will utilize the energy from this circuit, making it “dedicated” to that one purpose. Dedicated circuits allow electric equipment to access all the energy they need without overloading your system or tripping a circuit breaker. Kitchens may have several 20-amp dedicated circuits installed which only deliver power to one outlet along the countertop. Contact us and we will make a quality installation, we have a specialized team.