What is a seasonal electrical maintenance check? Most homeowners can’t really answer this question, although it’s something you should definitely consider doing. Typically performed in the spring and fall, it can help prevent a loss of power in your home at critical heating and cooling periods.

The Voltage/Amps of Your Electrical Box

Checking the voltage and amps of your electrical box helps determine just how much power you need to run a heating or cooling appliance. Examining a previous year’s consumption of power and the frequency with which you lost power will help your electrician determine if you have sufficient amps and voltage for your home. If you don’t, you can add more amps and voltage to the current box, or have the electrician install a generator.

Additional Increases in Power for Certain Seasons

If you add a lot of holiday lights to your home, your needs for power are greater than usual at that time of year. The electrical maintenance check ensures that you can light up for the holidays without draining the power coming into your home or draining the local grid. Be sure to buy lights that use the least amount of power possible as this is an accumulative effect with multiple strings of lights. Likewise, more of anything you use that requires electricity should be economical and use less power whenever possible. 

Checking All Outlets

This is a big deal because you need your outlets to plug in everything else that isn’t already hardwired into your home’s electrical system. The electrician with have an amp tester with probes to check every outlet. He or she is looking for any outlets that don’t seem to be working properly. When the outlets aren’t working properly, they can be a big drain on your home’s electricity and on your wallet. The electrician can repair the outlets that aren’t working correctly so that every outlet is utilizing the same amount of energy.

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